Troffer Light Installation Questions and Answers

Created with multiple rows of highly illuminating LED bulbs, troffer lights offer the appearance of natural light and the advantage of even light distribution. Whether installed in a garage or in a commercial space, these modern light systems add functional light in a sleek fashion. However, installing troffer lights is quite a bit different from installing a typical light fixture. Therefore, the process of installation can bring about some concerns. Take a look at some of the most common questions people tend to have about installing an LED troffer light and the answers you should know. 

Can you install a troffer light if you have a drop ceiling?

The structural build of a drop ceiling can make it look like installing a troffer light would be out of the question since you have to have a proper support frame in place. To make this work, you install a T-bar frame underneath the ceiling tiles that acts as a brace for the light. This can take a little more work to do and you do usually have to buy the T-bar frame separately, but once installed, your new troffer light will be just as secure as it would be if installed on a regular ceiling. Plus, if sized appropriately, the troffer light can sit flush with the regular tiles for an even appearance that makes it look like the troffer is built right in. 

Where should troffer lights be installed?

Troffer lights are fairly good at spreading the light that they put off, so you should be able to take advantage of the illumination if the light system is installed at any point in a space. However, it is usually best to install the troffer either in the center of the room or over areas where you need the most lighting. For example, in a garage, your troffer light may evenly distribute light best if it is in the center, but you will need more light over the workbench, so situating the troffer above this area is the better option. 

Can troffer lights be installed in spaces where there is existing lighting?

One of the greatest advantages of troffer lights is they do not require a lot of energy. Therefore, if you have other lights connected to the wiring that utilize most of the wattage, you may still have enough wattage available for the troffer via the same wires you are already using. 

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