5 Ways To Invest With Your Conscience

Many Americas have the same general goals: work for a company, make money, save money, retire as soon as possible. In order for that to work, people depend on consistent investing and the value of compounding interest. Sometimes, however, people's values conflict with the values of a Fortune 500 company. How do you, for example, invest with a conscience when you do not believe in the decisions made by Big Pharma? To paraphrase slightly, you can always put your money where your heart is.

1. Water: Most Americans take water for granted. They do not realize that it is a finite resource and is often in scarce supply in areas around the globe. Investing in companies that strive to solve problems with water shortages and cleanliness is one way to use your dollars to invest with your conscience. 

2. Clean Energy: Like water, clean energy is a growing need in our world. As supplies of fossil fuels dwindle, the need for clean-burning and renewable energy sources grows. If you feel strongly about this need, research companies that specialize in sources of clean energy, from home heating innovations to electric cars. Clean energy investment opportunities abound in the market today, as many people are concerned about the environment and the longevity of the planet. Get in touch with companies like Orbit Energy Systems INC for more information about clean energy product investment opportunities.

3. Marijuana: For investors that support the legalization of marijuana, there are plenty of individual stocks as well as ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that focus on the marijuana industry. While you can't—at this point in time—invest directly in a farm, you can invest in companies that work in many other aspects of distribution. Even rapper Snoop Dogg has ventured into the cannabis investment arena with his own venture capitalist firm. 

4. ESG Investing: ESG investing is on the rise in the United States. This type of investing focuses on the environmental, social, and governance practices of companies in a portfolio in order to make selections that align with your core values. Many mutual funds and ETFs are now focusing on ESG for their investors and creating funds for socially conscious investors of all ages.  

5. Girl Power: Things like feminism and the #MeToo movement have all led to increased investment in companies that are run by women, create products for women, or invest in women throughout the world. 

Financial institutions are taking cues from their investors and creating products that align with their core values.