3 Considerations When Adding Solar Panels To Your Boat

Solar panels can be used to power more than buildings. Solar panels can be used to power other things, such as boats. If you have a boat you live on or take out on the water frequently; solar panels can be a great way to provide your boat with the power it needs. When it comes to adding solar panels to your boat, there are a few things you need to consider.

Consideration #1: What to Use the Solar Energy For 

With a boat, the energy from a solar panel can be used in a few different ways. The energy can be used to recharge your boat's battery, ensuring that your battery never dies when you are out on the water and reducing the need for manually recharging your boat's battery.

The energy can also be used to maintaining electrical systems on your boat. For example, you can use the energy to power your radio and navigation lights and system. You can also use solar power for appliances on your boat, such as your fridge.

Solar energy is a great way to get the energy you need on your boat without having to run a loud gas generator. Once you know what you want to use solar energy for, you can add up the water per hour you need a solar panel to produce.

Consideration #2: How to Control the Energy

Solar panels can create a lot of energy when they are running, which is why you may need a charge controller if you want to use energy from your solar panels to fuel that battery on your boat.

With a charge controller, you will be able to ensure your battery is receiving a smooth energy load. It will prevent your battery from overcharging and shortening the lifespan of your battery.

Consideration #3: Installation Space

Finally, it would help if you considered where you could install the solar panels on your boat. You will want to locate the solar panels somewhere where they will be exposed to direct sunlight all day and where they will not get hit by shade from things such as your sails.

You can use portable or permanently-mounted panels on your boat. A great place for permanently-mounted solar panels, for example, would be on the roof of your boat, as that isn't a space you are using for anything else, and it is a space that gets a lot of sunlight. With a portable solar panel, you can set it up so that it attaches to the side of your boat and hangs out over the edge, tilted up towards the sky.

When it comes to your boat, you can use solar panels to provide energy to your boat. You can install permanent solar panels on your boat or use temporary solar panels when you take your boat out. You may want to use a charge controller to monitor the energy usage sent to your battery.