Residential Solar Panel Options To Add A Renewable Energy System To Your Home

If you want to add renewable energy to your home, you are going to need to choose the right panels and equipment. Choosing the right solar panels and equipment will ensure your home has the energy system you need. The following residential solar energy system information will help you choose the right equipment for your home:

Energy Storage for Solar Panels

Before you install a solar panel system on your home, you want to consider the energy storage needs of your home. This is important because the battery bank is only part of the system, and it has to be sized for your home's energy needs. Therefore, you want to evaluate your current electrical systems and determine the size of the energy storage you need. You also want to consider the types of batteries to install. There are a few choices for the type of batteries that can be installed. These battery banks include lithium-ion, gel, and lead-acid batteries.

Inverters for Solar Panels

The DC current from your solar panels will need to be converted to AC for your household electrical systems. Solar energy systems are going to need to have the inverters installed. The inverters that are connected to panels are string or micro-inverters. The string inverters can connect a row of panels to convert the electrical current to AC current. The micro-inverters are connected to individual panels to reduce the potential for failures. Lastly, some central inverters and converters can be installed with your energy storage system to convert currents to AC or DC. 

Switches and Controls for Solar Energy Systems

Residential solar panels also need to have switches and controls. There are several options for switches that can be installed with your system. These switches can connect the panels to your household electrical wiring or to the utility grid. The switches can have features that can help with monitoring your solar panel performance and the energy production of your system. You may also want systems that can help you meter the electricity that is sold if you have a grid-tied system to sell excess power. The energy storage systems for your solar panels also need to have charge controllers, which can also have monitoring and metering features integrated into the equipment.

The right solar system equipment will give your home the energy system it needs. Contact a company that offers residential solar panel services to discuss these options for your home's energy system.