Benefits Of Investing In Solar Battery Backup Installation

If you have invested in solar panels, you know that sometimes they will produce more energy than you need. For some homeowners, the excess energy returns to the grid. If you invest in solar battery storage, this excess energy is stored in your battery. This energy comes in handy when the power grid goes down. Here is an in-depth look at some benefits of solar battery backup installation.

Power at Night

When you choose to go solar, you're switched over to NEM billing. When you are on NEM, you are on a Time-of-Use plan. Under this plan, your electricity bills are cheaper during the day and expensive at night.

With a battery backup, you do not have to be subjected to expensive electricity bills. Your solar panels will store electricity generated during the day in this battery and draw from it at night when electricity is most costly. Therefore, solar battery storage installation allows you to power your home at night. Furthermore, you can power your home with the stored solar energy when utility rates are at their highest. This results in significantly reducing your energy costs.


The cost of solar panel installation has diminished drastically, and so has the price of lithium-ion batteries that are used in solar panels. Therefore, investing in solar battery storage installation is cheap when compared to buying a generator. Furthermore, it is cost-productive when you consider the out-of-pocket costs associated with unprecedented power outages. 

Going Off-Grid

Solar battery backup can enable you to take your home off the grid. This means you no longer have to pay electricity bills. Your solar panel will produce and store energy in batteries to power your home throughout the year.

The only downside to going off the grid is that most of the solar batteries in the market can only provide energy for a few hours. If you want to get off the grid by using solar batteries, you should invest in batteries that last long before losing energy. 

In Conclusion

Solar battery backup installations are a worthy investment for your home and business. Apart from shielding you against high energy costs and power outages, solar battery storage solutions give you more monitoring capabilities. 

A solar battery backup installation allows you to see how much energy your panels make and use in real-time. Before investing in solar batteries, research widely and compare the prices and qualities of different suppliers to find the best option for your specific needs. Contact a solar battery backup installation service near you to learn more.