How To Select The Right Backup Batteries For Your Solar Panels

When you have placed solar panels on your roof, you will need the panels to be able to power your home even when there is not enough sunlight, such as at night or on a very cloudy day. Fortunately, this is not a problem when you are using the right type of solar battery. The batteries will sit and charge with the power of the sun and will deliver electricity when you need it. However, there are several things you'll want to find out about your solar batteries before you purchase them.

Solar Panels Are Available for Many Homes Across the US

Solar panels are placed on the roof and collect energy from the sun. In some cases, your solar panels might be able to generate enough electricity to where you will not have to be connected to the electric grid. As a result, you will be able to keep your energy bills to zero or almost zero and you may even be able to sell electricity to the utility companies. Having the right batteries can help ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of power.

Look for a Long-Lasting Battery

You will need to know if your solar batteries have a long warranty. Usually, a battery will last at least twice as long as the warranty. Many batteries will come with warranties that last for as long as a decade. You'll also want to find out how many cycles the battery is capable of before you will need to replace it.

Use Batteries That Are Easy to Access Remotely

Because the batteries are on your roof, you will want an easy way to access them so you can monitor the battery. Fortunately, there are batteries that allow you to access them remotely through a PC or an app on your phone. Find out how many batteries your system will be able to support at the same time so that you will be able to make sure that your home remains fully charged when there is a power outage.

Choose Lightweight Batteries

The batteries should be lightweight so that they are easy to install and also so that they don't place strain on your roof. The best batteries have the lowest possible rate of capacity loss so you can continue to use your battery as long as possible so you can maximize the amount of power that you receive from your batteries. 

For more information, contact a supplier that offers solar panel batteries, such as Altas Energy Solutions.